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Open Bidding for Infrastructure Projects

All levels of government are currently focusing on a long-overdue refurbishment of Canada’s crumbling infrastructure.

Although it is likely that the vast majority of Canadians are supportive of this direction, most Canadians are not aware that federal, provincial and municipal governments have a bidding process that favours unionized companies and effectively shuts out otherwise perfectly capable, taxpaying businesses that are not unionized.

The net result of these policies is that public infrastructure projects end up costing taxpayers as much as 40% more than if open bidding processes were in place.

Yet, many capable taxpaying businesses are excluded from even bidding on these government projects financed with their tax dollars.

Considering the tens of billions of tax dollars that will be spent on government infrastructure in the coming years, these policies should be changed to save billions of tax dollars and establish a level playing field for all Canadians businesses.

Read: The big infrastructure ripoff by Working Canadians spokesperson, Catherine Swift, Special to Financial Post | January 15, 2016

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Subject: Open bidding needed for infrastructure projects

Attention Premier and Finance Minister
As an Ontario taxpayer, I strenuously oppose your government’s policy to restrict contacts for government infrastructure projects to businesses that are unionized. This policy unfairly shuts out legitimate, capable businesses from these projects, which are financed with their tax dollars. As well, research shows that these projects end up costing taxpayers up to 40% more than if governments had a fair bidding process open to all eligible businesses. This policy is especially damaging at a time when your government is running large deficits and growing the provincial debt, and when taxpayers are already stretched to the limit. I call upon your government to end this costly and inequitable practice in the interest of fairness and taxpayer affordability.

This message is brought to you by Working Canadians.

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